SpecView Order code:


Where any options not used are represented by ‘x’.


SV - Basic Product
SVMini - Mini Version - two views only
SVRT - Runtime-Only, no access to configuration

Field 1SP for Single Comms Port, MP for Multiport

Field 2:   H for Historical Replay or x for none

Field 3:   S for Strategy Controller or x for none

Field 4:   D for DDE or x for none

Field 5:    x for no special drivers, otherwise:

Field 6:   R for Remote Licences or x for none
Specify the number of Simultaneous Remotes in the order code - eg R1 for one, R2 for two etc

Field 7:   x for English, otherwise

Field 8:   ActiveX Support and levels, or x for none:

Field 9:   Update Subscription

Field 10:   USB Hardware license (‘Dongle’)


SV-SP-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x:  SpecView Single Port, Base Product with no options

SV-MP-H-S-D-OPC-R3-x-5Yr-x:  SpecView Multiport with Historical Replay, Strategy Controller, DDE, OPC, 3 Remote users and a 5 year Update Subscription

SVMini-SP-H-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x: Mini Version

SV-SP-H-x-x-x-x-DE-x-x-x:  SV with Historical Replay and German Language

SV-SP-H-x-x-x-x-x-A13-x-x:  SV with Historical Replay, Active X Support and Class 1 and 3 controls

System Requirements for SpecView are here.


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