A "Recipe" is when SpecView saves values of selected variables so they can be later reloaded to the connected instruments. Recipes give these benefits:

  • Ø Snapshot current process values when good product is being made
  • Ø Exactly reproduce previous machine setup
  • Ø Review and edit complex programmer profiles
  • Ø Eliminates operator error in setting machine parameters
  • Ø On-screen display of which recipe is loaded
  • Ø Save and reload instrument setup parameters

Each screen in SpecView can have recipes associated with it. When the recipe mode is selected, the variables included in the recipe are highlighted.


The picture above shows that all the set-points on this extruder have been included in the recipe.

The values may be edited, saved or sent to the connected controllers.

This picture shows part of a programmer ramp/soak profile table.


Note: the profile parameters may be reviewed and edited in real-time.

Recipes names may be any length and include spaces and any special characters.

A description, which may include special instructions may be associated with each recipe.

Specific recipes may be loaded from any screen by clicking a button, further reducing the chance of operator error.


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