“Loy Instrument, Inc. has installed close to one hundred copies of SpecView.  I have found that SpecView is unmatched by anything else on the market. Its versatility has allowed us to use it in everything from straight data logging to full scale SCADA systems.  For the money, no other software on the market can touch it.”

Mark McDaniel, Loy Instrument inc.

"I received SpecView as a CD and manual. Within a short time and one telephone call I had configured the program to provide automatic 'Test specific' reporting, data logging and operator interface to temperature controllers and ModMux modules, including window navigation, charting, on-screen animation and function buttons.
I had no previous experience with this type of software. SpecView made it easy.”

Don Carmichael, BAE SYSTEMS Avionics Ltd

“SpecView's ease of operator use, combined with reliability has given me the confidence to install the software on my  environmental chamber applications - from data logging to multi-chamber SCADA.”

Adrian White, Climaserv

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