The most recent build (861) of SpecView Version 2.5 is here:

SV861_Setup_Full.exe 64.3 MB (67,436,600 bytes) Jan 6th, 2020           (Includes ‘1980 Date’ fix)

Note that support for Version 2.5 is very limited because it is a discontinued version last updated in 2016, the currently supported version is Version 3, here.

If you have any questions about SpecView then please ask by eMail or phone.

Before downloading this build YOU MUST CHECK your Free Updates setting in the dongle.

If you attempt to install this version after the free updates have expired, then IT WILL NOT RUN

To check free updates, go to Help -> Registration Info
and look at the Free Updates as shown here:


If the Free Updates has expired (or is not shown), please contact SpecView and DO NOT install this version


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